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Technafit Stainless Steel Line Kits
Techna-Fit brings 25 years of High Performance and hose assembly knowledge to the table with their products. All Teflon hoses are made in house and meet DOT certification. Our wide variety of fittings and a large stock of parts, keeps delivery times at a minimal. Most orders ship within 48 hours. A couple of advantages of our product are that 99 percent of all females swivel, which makes for ease of assembly. Also most of our brackets are rubber mounted, so they are adjustable on the hose.

Brake Hose FAQ:

Why use stainless steel brake lines?

 There are some advantages to using stainless steel brake lines; one is reduced volumetric expansion. Overtime and under continuous use, OEM rubber lines can swell and expand, exposing the driver to brake fade. The rubber cover is also vulnerable to attacks from the ozone layer (rubber deteriorates and causes a failure). In extreme applications (Auto X, racing, hard riving) rubber hoses might susceptible to debris, thus causing failure. Stainless steel hoses give some protection from these issues. In some applications, where you have modified your vehicle (lowered, raised, or changed some major part, I.E. calipers) your only option is have custom lines made for your application. Also, in some cases it is hard to obtain OEM style rubber lines for some older applications.

Why get lines that have a plastic cover on them?

Having a plastic cover over the stainless steel lines gives added protection from flying debris; it also gives some abrasion protection from the line rubbing on suspension parts, in extreme braking conditions, with full compression (most movement of line).

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